Sazo; the festive celebration in sub-zero temperature

Sazo is believed to be one of the most sacred and auspicious festival of Kinnaur. It is a winter festival happened mostly in the month of January and celebrated throughout the Kinnaur district. Every village perform their own ritual of Sazo.

In Kinnaur, it is believed that during Sazo local village deity moves to heaven and thus the temple doors are meditatively remains closed till spring. The morning ritual of Sazo starts with taking a bath in natural spring or by taking a holy dip in Sutlej, after the bath people cleanse their homes and start their celebration by offering a lot of different meals to the deities like rice, vegetables, poltus, halwa, chilta and wine. After that again an afternoon offering is prepared and in evening whole village gathered around temple premise to celebrate and dance.

After the celebration, the temple doors get closed and it is believed that devtaji( the deity ) moves to Raldang ( a peak in Kinner Kailash range which is worshipped as heaven for the deities ).

Sazo can be witness in every village of Kinnaur and the charm of Sazo in every village is particularly same. Since winter is harsh in kinnaur and many a villages cannot be accessible to reach, but the valleys of Kalpa & Sangla are mostly opened throughout the winter so one can easily hop in and witness the significance of faith and tradition among the tribes of Kinnauri people.

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