The Trans-Himalayan Holi

We believe “to live” is something we can do always. It’s our choice how to paint our lives on the fresh canvas of the world. As it
is said ”to live is to free”, and the moments that we’d experienced when we set
our soul to dance over the clouds were believed the best and the most
unforgettable moments we humans had ever experienced.

Taste the Himalayan Culture

Sangla, a small Himalayan hamlet situated at an altitude of around nine thousand
feet, Sangla is well known for its diverse traditional culture and
tranquil landscapes. The whole valley is called Sangla valley
or Baspa valley( Baspa is the river flowing through this valley which adds more
sparkles to the valley). The beauty of Sangla valley
is so serene that one can easily spend his day sitting back with a cup of chai
(tea) and watch the tranquil landscapes and dancing clouds.
But on the fest day like ‘Holi’ is not
a sit back at all in this valley. People from the whole valley and the nearby
villages gathered in Sangla to celebrate this festival of colours. The
enchanting music of drums and trumpet ( and also the local
wine ”Phasur”) filled the souls with so much energy that the
whole Sangla was seen dancing on the beats of it. This two
days festival here ended with the ”Dahan of Holika”(which was burnt as a symbol
of victory of truth over sins), with people dressing traditionally and dancing
in a huge circle around Holika.

The way these charmed kinnauri people celebrate this festival could not be seen in another part of the country. And
the most beautiful thing that amazed us here was their respect for
their culture and tradition, they’ve still preserved this thousand years old
a tradition which can be seen purely on the festival like Holi.

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