Spiti Road Trip Itinerary

. Visit Kinnaur, Spiti and Pin valley in this 10 days tour.
. The mesmerizing landscapes and the sudden changes in terrain will definitely take your breath away.
. Witness the jaw-dropping view of Kinner Kailash mountain range.
. Comfortable Muv's for all transfers.

10 Days Road  Trip / Customizable 

₹ 24,940

Starting from Shimla

Kinnaur Summer Road Trip Itinerary

. Visit last village on Indo-China border, Chitkul.
. Witness the jaw-dropping view of Kinner Kailash mountain range.
. Camp beside Baspa river.
. Comfortable Muv's for all transfers.

04 Days Road  Trip / Customizable 

₹ 8,840

Starting form Shimla.

Kinnaur 07 Days Itinerary

. Visit the great valleys of Kinnaur and Shimla hills in this 07 days tour.
. Major attractions of this tour are Chitkul ,Chaka peak hike, Kamru fort , Hatu peak
, Kinner Kailash , Kalpa , Sangla , Sarahan, and many more..
. A day hike to Chaka peak meadows.
. Comfortable Muv's for all transfers

07 Days Road Trip / Customizable

₹ 16,450

Starting from Chandigarh.

Sangla Holi Celebrations 2021

Kinnaur is famous for its tribal culture and tradition, and the festivals in Kinnaur happened almost every month of a year. Of all the festivals the celebration of Holi in Sangla village is one of the prominent festivals. On this auspicious day whole community of Sangla valley gathered and celebrate the festival by singing and dancing. The celebration of this festival in their traditional way is what makes this Holi a unique one.

06 Days Road Trip / Customizable

₹ 14,470

Starting from Chandigarh.